Rugby World Cup 2023 qualification, fixtures, teams, locations

Not all sporting events take place every year. Some of them, such as the Rugby World Cup, take place only once every four years and are therefore a very important event for many fans of the sport.

You probably don’t know much about what rugby is and would like to know more about this amazing sport and also about the most important tournament, which at the international level highlights the strongest team of players.

Here we have collected the most interesting facts about the athletes, the sport, the rules of the RWC tournament, and predictions for the new season of 2023. So let’s read on.

Rugby brief synopsis – what it is, history and rules

You can’t just pick up all the RWC cards without talking a little bit about the sport. Because it has a very interesting history of creation. It is believed that the progenitor of rugby was William Webb Ellis, who all the time in school while playing soccer, took the ball in his hands.

But this is not entirely true, because references to such a game were already 200 years before William was born.

Now people all over the world play it, but the rules may still vary slightly in each country because they were originally handed down in the tacit form. But after 1845, when they were officially approved by a committee, things became a little easier.

Also afterward there was an association, which is responsible for holding world tournaments, as well as for building and maintaining popularity.


It is a team activity, and the main contests are on the lawn. This is very important because you can easily get injured during the game, and the grass helps reduce friction and injuries.

Teams usually have 15 players each, and there may be up to eight substitutes, a coach, and other staff. Eight forwards and seven defenders. They line up to prevent opponents from penetrating the defense and scoring the ball. The main vanguard players are Hooker, loosehead, and tighthead props.

The one who gets the most points for the game wins. These can be earned by: getting into the opponent’s goal area, penalties, drop-goal, and conversions.

World Cup history in brief

It was not very easy to create an international-level tournament that could unite everyone in a large-scale rugby competition. This required initially settling nuances in the rules, which were very different in England, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. Initially, these countries were fighting among themselves, until France joined them.

Now there are 20 teams and they are gathered all over the world.

How teams are chosen for the tournament:

  • Two from Africa;
  • One from Asia (Japan);
  • Eight teams from Europe;
  • Five from Oceania;
  • Three from the United States.

The rankings are based on the previous competition and the winners who get the most points for the season. South Africa is the winner of 2019, so they will be determined at the top of the table.

Drawing and grouping of teams in 2023

For the game, the gangs are divided into groups from A to D. There are a total of four with five countries in each, corresponding to the place in the standings.

Here’s what the draw looks like, which was held in France 2020 and will be used for the 2023 tournament.

New Zealand South Africa Wales England
France Ireland Australia Japan
Italy Scotland Fiji Argentina
Uruguay Tonga Georgia Samoa
Namibia Romania Final Qualifier Winner Chilie


Rugby World Cup 2023 locations

The place of the competition is chosen by drawing lots. Even before the previous match, it was determined that the 2023 tournament will be held in France for the 200th anniversary of the ‘creation’ of rugby, and in 2027 in the United States.

The locations for the RWC are specially built or upgraded, as the stadiums must accommodate a huge number of people from all over the world who will come to watch the event.

In France, fights will take place in such stadiums:

  • Stade de France (Paris);
  • Stade Vélodrome (Marseille);
  • Parc Olympique Lyonnais (Lyon);
  • Stade Pierre-Mauroy (Lille);
  • Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux;
  • Stade Geoffroy-Guichard (Saint-Étienn);
  • Allianz Riviera (Nice);
  • Stade de la Beaujoire (Nantes);
  • Stadium Municipal (Toulouse).


Region Team Qualification




World Rugby


Africa South Africa Top 3 in 2019 RWC pool 7 3
Namibia Africa 1 6 24
Asia Japan Top 3 in 2019 RWC pool 9 10
Europe England Top 3 in past RWC pool 9 5
France Hosts 9 2
Georgia Europe 1 5 13
Ireland Top 3 in past RWC pool 9 1
Italy Top 3 in past pool 9 14
Scotland Top 3 in past pool 9 7
Romania Europe 2 8 17
Wales Top 3 in past pool 9 8
Oceania Australia Top 3 in 2019 RWC pool 9 6
Fiji Top 3 in 2019 RWC pool 8 12
New Zealand Top 3 in 2019 RWC pool 9 4
Samoa Oceania 1 8 11
Tonga Asia/Pacific 1 8 16
America Argentina Top 3 in pool 9 9
Uruguay Americas 1 4 18
Chile Americas 2 0 22


When the tournament starts (fixtures)

The first game is scheduled for October 2023, 14. Then on October 2021 the semifinals will take place and on October 28 we will know the name of the winner of RWC 2023. There will also be a game for the bronze cup, which will be played on October 27.

Some offices are already selling tickets for future competitions, if you are a big fan – why not support your country from the stands? It happens once every four years!

Predictions for the new season

Most analysts believe that France will win this year, since it is hosting. But it doesn’t always work that way. Both England and South America can take William’s Gold Cup this year.

There are also high hopes for teams in New Zealand and Ireland.