How you can watch the Rugby World Cup 2023 stream

One of the biggest competitions in men’s rugby team sports will take place in France in 2023. Since most tickets are already sold out by insane fans and flight prices are rising, not everyone should have the opportunity to attend the event themselves. So it is better to know how to follow the live stream from RWC and not miss the important news of the event.

We’ve put together some effective ways for you to follow the broadcast of the contest. Here are both confirmed channels that are available worldwide and tips on how to find streams on YouTube to watch the battle of the best rugby players for free on your phone or computer.

TV stations and services broadcasting RWC

Many channels already have announced broadcasting one of the most anticipated demanding events in France next year. But there is no doubt that there will be more services that want to broadcast the results.

Because according to the polls, this should be one of the biggest tournaments since the start of the game of rugby.

Region Channel  Price
France TF1 Group Free viewing of all matches during the event. You could use VPN in order to connect.
South Africa SuperSport A monthly subscription to the channel costs $5, and you can activate it when the contest begins. 
Netherland Ziggo Sport Another option that will allow you to follow live streaming for free if you are in Europe.
United Kingdom ITV Sports If you are in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, you could pay £3.99 per month to get access to watch the competition.
United States NBC Sports In America, you can watch RWC for only $9.99 a month, on this streaming channel.
Online Apple TV App Not officially available yet, but you could watch the stream if you have a subscription to this service. 
Social media world YouTube There will be live streams on social media that you can search for. 


How do I follow RWC if my country is not on the list?

Unfortunately, not all channels get permission to show the event worldwide. You can look for a solution to this problem on social networks. If you find a live broadcast with translation or subtitles, you are very lucky.

But in the other option, you should have to connect a VPN to watch Rugby World Cup 2023. That said, it’s not certain that you’ll be able to find a channel that will be available with translations in your regional language.

Translations are likely to be available in English, French, Spanish and Japanese. These are some of the most popular languages that are usually broadcast.

But in order to follow other channels in your country, you’ll have to choose a good VPN. Fortunately, you could do this in any app store or set it up manually.

But we would suggest looking for a rugby sports blogger to broadcast in your language on YouTube.